Mercury In Aries Squares Saturn & Mars Conjunct In Capricorn🔥Frustration Ahead💨April 25 2018

#Wednesday April 25 2018🔥 Tomorrow Mercury in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn giving feelings of constriction and oppression and not given the freedom to express oneself as one wants to. Mercury is ready to take action in Aries but Saturn in Capricorn is creating barriers and it’s making it very difficult for one to take the action.

A feeling of a broken car comes into mind. Being held back, things not picking up. Also on Thursday Mars and Saturn Conjunct.

So Mercury is also Squaring Mars who has to deal with Saturn.

Last time these two conjunct it was in Sagittarius and many explosions were heard of on that day.

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign and those two created quite a spark there.

But now they are facing each other in goal-oriented Capricorn. There is this eagerness to rise to the top (Mars) but something is pressing down on us (Saturn) making it extremely exhausting!

Very stressful week indeed, exactly how the reading came out in this week’s Tarot Forecast.

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