Cutting Old Cords, Tearing Walls🔥Pressing For Change!💥April 15 2018🌚

#Sunday April 15 2018✨This week the emphasis will be about integrating (Art) the major changes we are going through (Death). We have a rebellious streak like the Princess of Swords tearing down BS and naysayers. And with a fearless aura as the Princess Of Wands we are like a catalyst that will burn down any impediment.

Last week we experience an appreciation for everything we have (10Disks). Perhaps many things manifested and we felt wealthy.

This coming week we are clear about where we are headed and there is potential for great victory. (Ace of Swords).

We will take that sword and move at lighting speed forward towards our goals like the Knight of Swords.

From the outside we will have people observing us remaining calm like the Queen of Cups.

We will wish to be truly happy and reach the highest potential of happiness there is. (The Sun)

As a result there will be more cutting cords with ideas or people who keep are chariot slow. Like the Prince of Swords we will emancipate even further by the ending of this week with anything that is not aligned to our highest potential.

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