Mercury Retrograde In Aries Squares Saturn & Mars Kn CapricornđŸ”„April 3 2018

#Tuesday April 3 2018đŸ”„ Tomorrow Mercury Retrograde squares Mars in Capricorn which is currently conjunct to Saturn. This can be a troublesome aspect for some of us especially in houses that are troublesome and if this aspect is conflicting with your natal planets.

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For example if you have Mercury Retrograde happening in the six house of routine and health squaring Mars in the third house of surroundings, siblings, and mind, you can find something is disrupting your routine or your routine is disrupting your surroundings.

Overall this aspect can really help you strengthen your focus as Saturn in Capricorn likes to keep order and structure around in the third house.

Venus in Taurus however can actually help coping with stress as Venus is an Earth sign trining Saturn and Mars that’s also an Earth sign so Venus is pretty helpful this month with aiding with patience as Taurus is a very patient sign. So Venus can actually weaken the effects of any potential squares.

Cardinal signs are the signs that are most likely to feel this affect the most.

If your rising sign is a cardinal sign you will feel this affect even more because the squares are happening between the cardinal site.

The fix signs are pretty much more calmer at this time and the mutual signs also pretty quiet.

If you want me to take a look at your chart to see where this aspect is effecting you go to:

✹Astrology Youtube Channel Alotus9đŸ‘€ đŸ€Twitter @ ShaolinWitch

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