Sun in Aries Squares Saturn In Capricorn While Venus Conjuncts Uranus🌨March 28 2018🌞Thread Carefully

#Wednesday March 27 2018🌞🌨Sun In Aries Squares Saturn in Capricorn while Venus Conjuncts Uranus In Aries tomorrow.

Sudden changes with love as Uranus the planet of change conjuncts Venus the planet of love this Spring in Aries.

There is conflict going on with the sun and Saturn. There’s a power struggle as these are two cardinal signs.

Mercury Retrograde here can signify that it has to do with communication issues.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries doesn’t take stuff too lightly. It is easy to anger and can threaten to eliminate relationships instantly since Aries is a Quick Fire Sign.

Most likely it has to do with love since Venus is conjuncting Uranus abruptly.

Now the moon will be Full in Libra by the end of this month in the sign of relationship. Will your relationship survive?

Did you outgrown a relationship or friendship?

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Mind you the dilemma that starts today will be intensifying as the moon gets fuller and fuller.

Trouble is at bay. Be careful. Thread carefully, at least before Venus Enters Taurus by April 1.

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