Mercury Goes RETROGRADE In Aries!🔥🔥March 22 2018🎂Happy Birthday Aries

#Thursday March 22 2018🍃🔥🎂Mercury Goes Retrograde today in Aries as the Sun Enters Aries. Happy Birthday Aries!

Our patience is greatly being tested and we know Aries is not a very patient sign.

This morning no matter how much WiFi I had in my house I was not able to log into the internet. Only youtube was working. I couldn’t even call anyone because there was no signal.

The Mercury Retrograde phenomena is very real. It effects everyone differently but usually at least one time we will have signal problems during the Retrograde.

Aries is a leader and likes to be ahead. One may find this Retrograde particularly frustrating as there are things we need to do but we can’t because we are blocked one way or the other.

If for example you have this Retrograde taking place in your 6th house you may find your routine being disturbed or being behind at work because something is not working.

When we see how manifestive Retrogrades are we start to see how very little control we have in life and how we can only control our response. You can beat your head trying to log online all day OR you can back off and catch up on other things laying around that need your touch.

I know movement is the bridge to everything, but at least the Retrograde gives us a chance to take a break and contemplate where we are headed.

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