Mercury Shadow Conjuncts Venus is Aries🍃March 20 2018✨Doing The Things We Love🌸

#Tuesday March 20 2018🍃❤️🔥 Spring is in the air. Today Mercury and Venus conjunct in Aries giving us all the inspiration to do all the things that we love to do. We might be setting up a fountain for the Spring or cutting some flowers or simply setting goals for the season.

✨Yesterday my uncle wanted to do a fountain in front of my door and these are the results. Fountains are great for feng shui because it rains for energy✨

The new moon this month happened in Aries the leader and Warrior sign.

We may be starting something new depending where this happens in your chart.

For example if you have Aries in the sixth house of health, work and routine you may be finding yourself with new work or a new routine that you actually love doing and enjoy since Venus and Mercury conjunction happened during the new moon here.

🔥Aries is highly activated and if you want to do something that requires bravery or a lot of energy then this is a great time to do it because one can be full of energy.

Note that Mercury will be going retrograde a day after the Spring Equinox till April 15.

Mercury retrograde and Aries can rattle a few arguments and fights on a grand scheme so one must guard against conflicts.

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