Mars Enters Capricorn🔥A House He Will Retrograde In This Year🐐March 17 2018🔥Hard Work Ahead

#Friday March 16 2018🔥🐐Tomorrow Mars Enters Capricorn the House serious Saturn is residing in and the house he will be Retrograding this year in for several months.

🔥Mars in Capricorn is serious business and if one can keep focus and wise one will use this energy for business and progress.

🐐One can also built a status quo or reputation since serious Capricorn deals with this.

🎼 been working on my music career these days. I’ve also been also working on building the social media for my music,Like it’s Twitter it’s Facebook and it’s Instagram. I’ve always done song covers and I’ve done a few original songs recordings, but I’ve never made a music channel which is what I’m going to focus on for a whole entire year to see where this takes me to.

In the moment I’ve already recorded about four original songs for my album and now working on the branding in doing professional videos hiring a company to film it. My music is not just music but more of a vision or storytelling. So it will be very fun for me to direct these music videos as well.

Hebrew letter number nine. Since I was born on a nine I vibrate the number of completion and perfection but also it’s a very hermetic number that likes to be alone.

And of course the lotus. The symbol a great struggle of coming out of the mode and into the light to Blume which is very much a theme of my life. I put this together and I came up with the Sigil.

🔥We must also watch what house is he transiting in your chart.

For example, if you have Saturn in your six house of health you may be experiencing some issues in regards to health for those Leo risers. Another example is if you have mars transit in your third house, you could be very focused on your surroundings and improving it and also your communications online for those Scorpio risers.

🔥Mars in the same house as Saturn means serious business. Mars usually stays in a house for 40 days but he will soon start slowing down by May.

The beginning of his Entrance to Capricorn might be challenging and a little hard to get use to because he will be squaring a lot of planets that are currently in Aries, but after all the planets like the Sun, Mercury Venus move to stable Taurus, one can see our hard work pay off.

If you need me to see where this transit is taking place in your chart contact me on Instantgo/CypressSkyless. Send me your chart over. If you want to do a Tarot card reading to see how this transit will affect you or for a particular reason in the coming months go to my website at

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