Storm Approaching🌩Mercury Shadow & Venus Enters Aries🔥Jupiter Retrograde Scorpio 🌊

#Tuesday March 7 2018🌩There is a storm approaching as Mercury starts Shadow Period tomorrow in the warrior sign of Aries🔥and goes Retrograde right on Spring Equinox March 22. Today Venus also Enters Aries and Aries gets activated🔥🔥. Jupiter In Scorpio (another sign co-ruled by Mars) goes retrograde today till July 10th and we can feel a sense of a storm approaching from far away.


🙀Yep fishes yawn too. Lol😫

☔️In the Spring it will rain as Mars will also be slowing down by (May 12) in his shadow period In Capricorn, and goes Retrograde in June 26-August 27 2018.

I personally feel this can either give some people power or be a BIG mess for some people.

🔥If these male energies of Aries and the Cardinal leadership energy of Mars In Capricorn is used for business, a lot can be accomplished.👍🏻

🌱I got him a new plant on Pet Co. to reduce ammonia in tank. Makes me clean less.

But if it’s aspecting a personal natal chart planet of yours causing illness, arguments, and inconvenience then it can bring massive havoc. Keyword here is massive strong energy as Jupiter is also in a very strong sign, Scorpio and will seem to be stirring up some stuff there.

If you want me to take a look at your chart on where this energy will be effecting you, go to my http://www.instantgo.Com/CypressSkyless.

Make sure to send me time, date and location of birth. Soon instantgo will start taking voice messages like Whatapp. 🤗And I can’t wait, as that’s a feature I love to leave astrological messages to my family members.✨I will have a BALL time leaving my clients specific astrological recordings based on their questions.❤️👌

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