March 4 2018šŸ”®Facing Major Changes After ApprehensionšŸŒµ

#Sunday March 4 2018šŸ”®Weekly Tarot ForecastāœØThis week we have heavy challenges. Last week we were focused on beautifying ourselves and our homes as ā€œThe Empressā€ would do. This week the focus is on attaining success (6 Disks) and having to face the reason why you canā€™t succeed (3 Swords).

We have a lot of energy (Ace of a Wands) and we have enough skill (8 Disks) to accomplish success, but something very heavy to carry is on our way.

This week we will feel defeated (5 Swords) as we performed but didnā€™t receive any recognition. Nothing is moving forward and you will become worried (5 Disks).

From the outside Spring is here (The Fool)and a new season is here waiting for us to do something.

We will want the advice of a higher being or the answers from god (The heirophant) as to why things are not moving forward.

By the end of the week we will face a massive change (Death) having to do with what satisfies us, family or friends, and we will have to re-evaluate a situation again (7 Disks).

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