Full Moon Virgo While Venus In Pisces Trines Jupiter In SagittariusšŸŒ•šŸŒ»March 1 2018šŸŒ»Revitalization

#Wednesday Feb 28 2018šŸŒšTomorrow we have a full moon in Virgo. There was no full moon this month which made it into a black moon. There was no conclusions this month, there was nothing that ended up in completion this month, this month was sort of like a build up for the 2 full moons next month also known as the Bluemoon. Next month we have the Spring Equinox starting on March 21. And tomorrow we have the first full moon on the first day of March symbolically pertaining to leadership qualities since the first day of the month symbolizes that and it is ruled by the Sun. Also note that on this day Venus in Pisces is trining Jupiter in Scorpio, so itā€™s going to be a moon that will facilitate anything that we put our minds to and it will also expand anything of great value.

For example, if you have Pisces the fifth house, this full moon in your 11th house can secure future success on anything that you put or do in your fifth house of creativity and it will benefit you in the first house of self.

This full moon is perfect for spell work for self-improvement, health, and cleansing since there is no void of course starting 12:57am EST.

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