Weekly Tarot ForcastšŸŒšEmancipating From Old Behavior PatternsšŸ¦‹Feb 25 2018

#Sunday Feb 25 2018šŸŒšTarot Weekly ForecastšŸŒ™ This weekā€™s theme is about exploration, travel or charting a new course (6 Swords) and applying detail to a new skill.(8 Disks). Perhaps you feel like you have won a great battle in your life that recently had you under the weather (6 Wands) and now you are just relieved. You are also stuck in the notion that if you donā€™t maintain your life this way or a certain way, you can end up again tied down to whatever held you back in the past (The Devil).

Last week we changed an aspect of ourselves (2 Disks) some changed location, others became different people, or changed the way they deal with people or receive their energy.

This week coming up you will want to cut every single cord with people or things that are holding you back. (Prince of Swords)

Your energy will be high and commanding this week like a leader (Prince of Wands)

And things will be moving quickly from the outside and we may see a lot of opportunities present. (8 Wands)

You will have a fear of getting disappointed again (5 Cups) so by the end of this week you will remain calm and still deciding on what to do next. (2 Swords)


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