NEW Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus

#Tuesday Feb 20 2018🌚NEW Zodiac Sign🌙So now every time a meme from the 13th Sign Ophiuchus comes out people start questioning whether their signs have changed. New dates are out like we still don’t have 365 days a year.

A new constellation, or 13th, yet we have tons of constellations we don’t give them an astrology house. 13 is an uneven number and we live in duality world where there has to be an opposite sign or house, by the way, isn’t Orion the opposite of #Ophiuchus? So should we include #Orion in the new dates? Wouldn’t that make it 14?

🌙🐲Remember the Lunar Calendar rules the Mayans and Chinese Lunar years who’s culture is built around draconian creatures from the sky. So are you saying the Solar year has no validation despite the fact it distributes all the Decans and Cusps equality within 364 days including leap year?

So what exactly would the 13th house correspond to? What area of life? 13 is the number of death, resurrection and transformation.

Could it not be that the moon was put there to keep us in a cycle of death and recycling to harvest our souls and energy? People use to live hundreds of years back then now for the most part we only live the most a Uranus returns 84 years.

A lot of cultures around the world say that there was no moon at a certain time in history. Earth was basically moonless. And the ocean was controlled by the circadian rhythm of the earth. A lot of cultures say that women did not menstruate back then, or should I say hemorrhage every 28 days moon days the numerology of Saturn. Could It be that women started bleeding along with other animals after the moon was placed there? Are we now all the sudden worshiping the lunar calendar here in the west too? For what purpose?Astrology is not built around dots in the sky that connect. It is built around the concept of 12 areas of life regardless of how many times a anointed constellation slides off.

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