Weekly Tarot ForecastšŸŒšHoles In Our Aura Leaking EnergyšŸ’¦Feb 18 2018

#Sunday Feb 18 2018āœØWeekly TaroscopešŸŒšThis week the main issue is being drained by annoyance or having holes on your aura that are constantly leaking energy (7 of Cups).

Most likely this is due to daydreaming and of high hopes (The Star), channeling too much inspiration all at once.

There is a reality you have been facing for quite sometime now that makes you sad. (3 of Swords), and you want to set a definite path to aid you in preventing sorrow (The Chariot).

Last week you had difficulty sleeping because you had too many worries and perhaps arguments with someone.(9 of Swords)

This week coming up doubts may arise as to how you will achieve you goals (7 of Swords).

And although you are full of fire (Ace of Wands) you still have a lot of stagnant energy coming your way which is pressing you down (The Hanged Man).

You will wish to break free like the Princess of Wands.

And at the end of this week you will be working on it, putting your energies all together to make something out of it. (Art)

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