Solar Eclipse In Aquarius While Mercury Conjuncts & Mars Squares Neptune In Close Proximity🌒🌊🤖🔥

#Thursday Feb 15 2018🌒🌞Today there is a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius and in a few days we will have Mars In Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. This Eclipse is also very close to Mercury which Conjuncts the Sun on Saturday.

Saturday seems like a very challenging day and one can easily get mentally worn out by the Sun Conjuncting Mercury. We could be facing deception these days with the truthful iron fist of Mars In Sagittarius so be very careful. Neptune is as deceptive and elusive as it gets on Pisces. Because of this Superficial Eclipse taking place a day after Valentines one can easily see the ending to such deceptive friendships or relationships and one will start a New Chapter now and can not afford to overtax one’s energy with lies and mockery.

🌊Just received my lovely grey contacts😍

For example if Sagittarius happens in your 2nd house of Values, you will pretty much stick to your core values (Mars)and demask the lairs in the 5th house of romance and fun. (Neptune). But be careful not to burn out in the 4th house of Private matters while Sun and Mercury Conjunct there. Also if this eclipse happens in your 4th house, perhaps you will be more private and more conscience of what you decide to say about your private life or not.

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