Weekly TarotScopešŸ”®Fast Pace and Strength On the WayšŸ”„Feb 11 2018

#Sunday Feb 11 2018šŸ”®Weekly TarotScopešŸŒšLast week we were struggling or arguing with others as seen here with the 5 of Wands.

This week we seriously doubt (7 of Swords) a connection (The Lovers)or contract with someone or humanity in general.

We may be seeing a major change (2 of Disks) that has had you giving advice to others (The Hierophant) and precautions.

This coming week things move quickly with the 8 of Wands and one may be stating clearly were we are headed.

We may be working on business or something very physical (Prince of Disks).

From the outside difficulties will disappear and solutions to recover whatever was lost last week will arrive (6 of Swords) or we might be having someone arrive from a trip.

This week we want to draw the line. We can either go all the way, or not go at all, but it wonā€™t be left half way. (9 of Wands)

As a result by the ending of this week we will be full of physical power and courage taming any challenging situation that presents itself.

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