Venus Enters Pisces While Jupiter In Scorpio Squares Sun In Aquarius🌊Feb 10 2018📡Suspiciousness

#Saturday Feb 10 2018❤️🌊Today Venus Enters Pisces while the Sun In Aquarius Squares Jupiter In Scorpio. A great tension has probably been felt throughout these days with this square between the Sun (our Soul) and Jupiter the expander.

Imagine the highlight now being all about technology and advancement since the Sun is in Aquarius now, but the expansiveness in curious and suspicious Jupiter in Scorpio is questioning the motives of the Sun. “

What’s hiding behind the sudden growth spur of technology?” ask Scorpio, egotistical Sun in Aquarius says“ nothing, we are just evolving, stop being so negative and pessimistic Scorpio!”

The two are giants and their gravity can be felt very much.

How many of you are having this talk with those around you?

And in what area of your chart is this happening?

Also we have Venus Entering Pisces lightening up some of the tense current vibes.

❤️Venus in Pisces is very romantic, hopeful and creative.

Now the appreciation will gear more towards the arts.

If for example you have Pisces in the 5th house you could be meeting a romantic partner or spending your time a lot with children and having fun.

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One thought on “Venus Enters Pisces While Jupiter In Scorpio Squares Sun In Aquarius🌊Feb 10 2018📡Suspiciousness

  1. waw! I haven’t even thought about the robotic thing until I saw your video…but you have a valid point! there is some sort of lack of empathy and human warmth related to this new era. I just realised that unconsciously I already knew this…without knowing consciously. Last year around this time I moved from Dublin to Brasov (a quite small mountain city in Romania) and I slowly disconnected from modern life, I spent months on end without opening my laptop. I started going out in nature all the time, my summer was out in the forests, walking bear-feet and sleeping on the ground, hugging trees and eating wild apples and stuff like this. It really changed my life so I completely forgot about city life until the winter came…now I have to hung out at home more cuz it’s cold and i get food from the supermarket…which is depressing…like one single trip to a shopping place completely ruins my etheric body…yes this winter has something really depressing to it for me at least…and with this solar eclipse coming it feels like i’m in such a dark place. Anyhow, all i wanted to say I guess is that i know what you’re talking about and hey! we’re not all glued to our phones and whatever gadgets 😀 I think technology should be used to make our lives easier not to make our lives. i also miss warmhearted human interaction but my interests are so different than of all people around me and spending time with them just drains me so I prefer my cat instead 😛
    I feel that we need to connect more with nature and implicitly to our true selves (rather than our egos), my resolution for this solar eclipse is to move to the countryside so that I don’t need to spend another winter in the city ^.^
    good luck with your book and lots of love
    thanks so much for your posts, I just love how accurate the information you give is, at least for me (although I know nothing of astrology really)

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